Heart transplanted 

Empty-nesters move all the time. The thing is, it’s not the same as moving with kids is it? Plugging into a new community is easy with kiddos; go to the park, talk to parents on the sidelines, and generally do what families do, right? 

As an adult, moving is fun too. Discovering a new life chapter is an adventure to be relished! Having just moved myself, I’ve been fortunate to meet Melissa who owns Belle on Heels. She’s a successful small business owner, who also has created a veritable social hub. C’est vrai! She’s the West Concord version of Paul @spectacle.eyewear in the South End. Amazing people are everywhere—challenge yourself to find them, support them, and they’ll support you too.

Are you an empty-nester moving soon? Here are some notes and ideas for ways to engage with your new life and community with gusto!:

— It’s your time to have a must do weekly schedule that mirrors camp! find your “sports team”. Maybe it’s a cycling club, @otfconcord, or yoga home. 

–let your aspirations blossom! Join a local garden club–find your favorite coffee shop. Like Norm on Cheers, once they know your name, you’ll know you’ve successfully found your morning habit. @saltboxfarm

–join your online community. Nextdoor.com has great neighborhood presence in Massachusetts anyhow. Who knew there were “meet up groups to play games as an adult”?!

–find the local food pantry and start contributing.–connect with local merchants. It’s fun to buy local and those are people who believe in investing in the community. My local favorites in West Concord are @a_new_leaf_shop, @cheerfulreasons and @belle_on_heels (see the video below of Melissa from Belle on Heels)

–discover a local spa to integrate little routines into your weekly life @hidden_gem_spa and Different Strokes message therapy in Acton are a spots I’ll be visiting often!     

Home is where the heart is, and your heart is where you decide to put it!