So what should you do BEFORE you hire a real estate agent to sell your home? Stare with these tasks before involving an agent:

1. Establish your goals and timeline.

You are entering a process, your having clarity on what’s most important to you will help you make decisions that best serve you quickly. Even deciding the order importance of these factors is a great start:

  • Getting highest  sale price
  • Selling quickly to minimize costs of carrying the property
  • Coordinating the sale with your next purchase
  • Doing preparation work to property for maximum appeal

2. Decide where very large items will go.

Pianos, pool tables, collectable cars, excess machinery, swing sets, extra tools are all items that may need to be dealt with prior to closing a sale.

3. Make sure all permits have been signed off. Even with professional service providers (electricians, plumbers, general contractors, fireplace/woodstove installers), sometimes permits are not fully signed off at the local building department. This is the time to make sure documentation is in order.

Bonus #1-Find your keys! This is a great time to put in a new lock on the door if you don’t normally lock your home.

Bonus #2-This is a wonderful time to start coming up with interview questions for your future Realtor. Look for some revealing interview questions in my next blog.